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Creative Kooks: Riding the Wave of Sustainability

In a world where environmental responsibility is more critical than ever, we decided to create the Creative Kooks and repurpose old Surfboards, Skateboards, and Fins by transforming them into stunning works of art with the community's help.

Creative Kooks Art works
Creative Kooks Art works

As passionate surfers, we recognised the connection between people and the ocean. We felt compelled to give back to the sports we love by preventing the unnecessary disposal of surf-related equipment. Thus, we embarked on a mission to rescue 300 surfboards from landfill, and to date, we have saved an impressive 127—and counting.

Our workshops are held at various events and settings, like Schools, Early learning centres, and Music Festivals; we engage participants in a hands-on experience of expressing their creativity. We also add to the fun for the younger children by teaching them basic land-based surfing techniques, practising yoga and mindfulness, and improving their balance through fun activities on our balance boards.

The process begins with collecting donated surfboards, skateboards, and fins from the local community and waste centres. Some are in excellent condition but seriously outdated, while others require repair work to ensure a smooth and safe surface for painting. Instead of resorting to harmful chemicals, We opt for environmentally friendly methods like scraping off wax with paint scrapers and sanding the boards to provide an abrasive surface for the paint.

Creative Kooks Art works
Creative Kooks Art works

When it comes to painting, we can’t go past using SurfPaints. Their Exchangeable nibs allow for creative freedom and help with our sustainability approach. They reduce waste by enabling us to repair broken pens and stop the children from using excessive paint.

The result is a collection of vibrant, one-of-a-kind artworks that breathe new life into discarded items and contribute to a more sustainable future.

After completing the unique artwork, we present the Surfboard to the clients as tokens of appreciation or raffle them off for free via QR codes at more significant events. This ensures that the art finds homes where it's genuinely valued and appreciated, further reinforcing the message of sustainability and community engagement.

However, our most significant impact lies in the connections it fosters within the community. These workshops provide a nurturing environment for children to unleash their creativity and help bridge social groups from the art and Surf/Skate scenes.

As we continue our journey, we want to remind everyone that we are no eco-warriors, just surfers trying to do their part. Join them in their journey, and together, let's ride the wave of Sustainability.

Creative Kooks Art works
Creative Kooks Art works

To learn more about Creative Kooks and its initiatives, visit its website at or follow it on Instagram, LinkedIn, and Facebook.

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