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Top 5 Softboard review's by The Southcoast Kook

I have been doing surfboard reviews for a while now. One benefit is that I have had the opportunity to surf many different soft boards and foamies. This has given me a great understanding of what the other brands and shapes offer. So I thought I should do a guide of my top 5 soft boards and why.

Gnarrloo 'Beach Cruiser' softboard standing up right at Bombo beach
Gnarrloo 'Beach Cruiser'

This is my number one softboard pick if you are entirely new to surfing. The 'Beach Cruiser’ is just a safe, reliable and easy board to surf.

It is a cost-effective, stable board that is easy to paddle. It caters to a family with kids because the ‘Beach Cruiser’ has a convenient carry handle that assists with those hikes down to the water and soft fins to protect everyone from the dreaded fin chop.

The best quality about the ‘Beach Cruiser’ was that it gave me a chance to slow everything down. I could paddle for a wave and almost break down every part of my ‘ to ensure that each movement was perfect. This included my stance. If my foot was slightly off or my knees were not bent enough, I could make slight adjustments without losing a lot of momentum.

To read my full review on the 'Gnarrloo' 'Beach Cruiser', click here or Check them out at Global Surf Industries.

Banshee getting waxed up
Banshee getting waxed up

After completing a solid 18 surfboard reviews and still being a Kook, it’s very rare for me to have a board work immediately. It usually takes a couple of waves or even sessions to figure out where to sit and place my feet. For many of my boards, that first surf is always a ride-off.

When I took the ‘Banshee’ from Softboards Au out for its first surf, it was honestly like I had been surfing it for years.

This instant connection comes with the versatile Mini Mal shape. This forgiving shape has been around for a long time because it works. If you are buying your first surfboard, this shape is what you need to look for.

The ‘Banshee’ is set up as a thruster with an FCS fin box and comes with a set of fins which is good to know, so there are no extra added costs at the checkout.

After surfing the ‘Banshee’ stacks, I fully understand why this is Softboards Au's bread and butter regarding the catalogue selection. I lent it to a mate to see his thoughts, and he 100% agreed. I can't wait until my Grom is old enough to catch her first waves because I know they will be on the ‘Banshee.’

After completing this review, I reached out to the legends at Softboards Au, and they agreed to give 10% OFF their website by using the PROMO code SOUTHCOASTKOOK10 at checkout.

To read my full review on the Banshee' click here or Check them out at Softboards AU.

'Proline four fin'
'Proline four fin'

Have you ever picked up a surfboard, put it under your arm and gone? This is the one for me! I immediately got that feeling when I unboxed my ‘ProLine Four Fin soft board’ from Softboards AU.

It's weird; I could instantly picture this board's perfect type of wave when I put it under my arm. I was thinking of a summer's day, 1-3ft clean perfect waves with me Kooking around having a blast just stoked to be mixing it up and ridding something different to my generic shortboard.

The first thing I noticed when I unboxed the Proline Four Fin was its weight. This is due to it having Triple Stringers. This feature is an advantage over other models and brands because of its strength, durability, and extra drive when paddling for a wave. You can tell that the Proline Four Fin is the real deal and isn't here to muck around.

Running at a fun size of 5’8” at 48L, this board is slammed pack full of foam. I was initially stressing about the size of it, as I haven't ridden many boards that small, but I quickly came to love the length of it. It took a couple of surfs to find where I needed to set my stance, but once I had it locked in, it was an absolute machine.

The Proline Four Fin is one of the better-performing soft boards I have ever ridden; this is definitely because of the combination of the triple stringers and the quad setup. I love how much extra speed you can generate because of this.

After completing this review, I reached out to the legends at Softboards Au, and they agreed to give 10% OFF their website by using the PROMO code SOUTHCOASTKOOK10 at checkout.

To read my full review on the 'Pro line Four Fins' click here or Check them out at Softboards AU.

Spooked Kooks UFO softboard standing up right at Bombo beach
Spooked Kooks UFO softboard

This board is hands down one of the funnest soft boards I have ever ridden. Not the highest performing board but the most fun! I had a ball testing it out because it gave me variety for when the waves were small and let me attempt dumb stuff like riding fins first or trying to ride on my bum.

The most significant advantage Spooked Kooks has over other Softboards is that they are environmentally friendly. All the hard plastics in the softboard are made from 100% recycled post-consumer plastic waste. This includes the ‘slick’ leash plug, futures compatible fins and fin key.

I loved the UFO as a twin fin. I was away when I swapped the stock fins with a set of ‘Free Falls Cosmic Twins’.

To read my full review on Spooked Kooks UFO, click here or Check them out on the Board Exchange.

Spooked Kooks UFO Softboard and the Southcoast Kook giving a shakka
Spooked Kooks UFO Softboard and the Southcoast Kook

5) Spooked Kooks Lazy Dasiy

‘Spooked Kooks’ absolutely nailed the brief about whom they suggested the recommended rider is for the ‘Lazy Daisy’. This is for the laid-back beginner looking for an easy entry into the world of surfing. Here’s how.

The ‘Lazy Dasiy’s’ size run is perfect for the majority of frothers on their learn-to-surf journey. It comes in 8 Ft and 7 Ft. I personally reckon 8ft is the perfect size for adults, with the 7 ft size covering the Groms.

To read my full review of The ‘Lazy Daisy’. click here

I hope you have enjoyed my top 5 Softboards, If you have any questions feel free to reach as I am more then happy to help

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Awesome reviews, Southcoast Kook! Your straightforward take on the Top 5 Softboards makes it easy for anyone, seasoned or newbie, to understand. Your insights are pure gold for someone like me looking to dive into the softboard scene.

Quick suggestion: Consider protecting those fantastic softboards with a FARO surfboard bag. It's a game-changer for keeping your boards safe and sound. Happy surfing!

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