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Creative Kooks / The South Coast Kook

Hello everyone, I'm Mat, also known as the South Coast Kook.

For those who are unfamiliar with me, I've transitioned from being a Coal Miner to becoming a stay-at-home dad. Along this journey, I've discovered a passion for building a community centered around sustainability and creativity. I found joy in rescuing surfboards from ending up in landfills and transforming them into unique pieces of art with the help of our community. This is how Creative Kooks was born.

Initially, The South Coast Kook started as a surf-focused podcast, highlighting the stories of industry legends united by their love for riding waves. However, it has evolved into something much more meaningful.

Having immersed myself in surfing over the past six years, I intimately understand the challenges and confusion that newcomers face. That's why I created an e-book aimed at simplifying surfboard and product reviews, stripping away the technical jargon and maneuvers, catering to the everyday surfer – or as we affectionately call ourselves, 'kooks'.

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