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Where should I position my Single Fin?

Have you ever noticed that the fin box for a single fin is usually a lot bigger than the fin it self. This is done deliberately to give the option of where you position your fin.

Most of the time your fin will be set in the centre of the fin box which is perfectly fine. This gives the best all round setting.

But if you were ever interested in playing around with the positioning or have a specific goal in mind with your long-boarding here is what will happen.

If you position your single fin further forward (towards the nose) this will allow for easier turning. This will also create a looser feel that may cause loss of control at speed.

If you position the fin backwards (towards the tail) this will lengthen the turning arc and give more hold and control. This setting is preferred for down the line speed and nose riding.

Most of the time when you first move the fin in the fin box, it is very tight and hard to get into the perfect place. I mainly use a bit of wax on the fins tab or a bit of lubricant to help the fin slide into place.

Have a look at how your fin is held into the box, there are many different types of fin bolts available these days to help with quick adjustments to fin positioning on the go.

Reach out with any questions that you might have or check out the cool range of single fins from Free Fall that I have in stock.

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