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Tail Pad Guide.

Updated: Apr 12, 2022

yellow Free Fall Tailpad and blue legrope
Free Fall Tailpad and legrope, The perfect combo

What is a Tail pad?

A tail pad is a soft foam pad on the top layer with an adhesive layer underneath. The tail pad then gets glued on the back of the board to give more grip, in substitute of the use of wax.

Do I need a tail pad?

Using a tail pad is a personal choice. I would suggest to get one as they can give assistance to your surfing.

Having a tail pad on your board can…

  • Help with duck diving by giving you something to leaver your foot off.

  • It can be a good guide for your back foot placement,

  • It will help prevent your foot from sliding off and gives extra grip.

Plus they come in all different shapes and designs to really make your board look sick!

When should I put one on?

This decision should be made when you first buy the board. Fitting one after a couple of surfs can be a nightmare, due to compressions marks in your board and wax residue.

How do I put on a tail pad?

- Before applying the tail pad ensure that the area is clean from wax residue, dust and the board is nice and dry.

- Have a practice run to see what formation looks the best on your board. Ensure that the whole pad has a flat surface to stick too and not hanging over the rails.

- Now you only get one go at putting it on your board, as the adhesive is designed to be stuck down and not moved. Moving the pad will impact the strength of the glue.

- Use the stringer as a centre line to ensure that the grip is straight. If your board dose not have stringer, Use a ruler and pencil to mark out the centre of the board.

- Ideally you want the arch part of your grip to be sitting directly above the space between your fins. This is usually right at the back of the board slightly above the leash plug.

- Peel off the back part of the plastic film of the centre piece . Once you have ensured it is straight and placed in the right position, slowly peel off the plastic film while sticking the pad down.

- Press down firm on grip, ensuring that the edges are stuck down.

- You can either stick the side pieces hard up against the centre piece you just applied or if you wanted to add a nice bit of style, leave a small even gap between the pieces, to give it that added bit of style.

- Leave over night before surfing as the glue will need time to bond fully.

- If you are ever unsure about putting one on go to your local surf shop and get them to do it or send me a message and I will gladly help.

What Brand is the right brand for me?

This is definitely a personal choice.. Across the brands, they are all very similar in shape and style. I did find with their prices they are definitely starting to get out of hand.

Thats why I was stoked to find Free Fall Tail Pads . I have personally tried and tested them they perform exceptionally well and are not over the top expensive.

Reach out if you have any questions or to keep up to date with what I am doing follow my socials,

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