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SurfPaints 'Paint a board' workshops Nowra Veterans Wellbeing Center

Here is another story from one of our SurfPaints paint-a-board workshops.

SurfPaints 'Paint a board' workshops Nowra Veterans Wellbeing Center

On Monday at lunchtime, the Nowra Veterans Wellbeing Center was open to the public for a Mural Creation day. The Cente has just recently opened, and it is the first of its kind in NSW. They had an empty wall in the underground carpark that needed a touch of creativity.

There was your classic sausage sizzle, music, fun and games, Kade Valija an artist from Coffs Harbour, was called in to paint the Mural and our favourite part, four old recycled surfboards with a stack of SurfPaints available to let the public switch off and turn these boards into art.

Dolphin painted using SurfPaints

Everyone that walked through had a blast. We had it all, from Politicians, Tafe teachers, and Art therapists to a whole stack of kids. The common theme of the art that was done on the day was definitely Veterans but a couple of talented kids snuck in some SpongeBob Square pants characters to show that all art has to be serious.

Kade is a wiz for using spray cans and stencilling. He was stoked to see SurfPaints there, as he had heard about our product before and never actually had the chance to use them. He sat down and had a draw, and we blew his mind when we showed him the nips are reversible and a sneaky 1mm nip is hidden on the other side. That's all it took for him to convert from other brands and join the SurfPaints crew.

When the event was over, everyone had a great time. As you can see as clearly, these artworks speak for themself.

Aftermath of SurfPaints 'Paint a board' workshops Nowra Veterans Wellbeing Center

If you want to know more about our upcoming events or know of an event that SurfPaints should be involved in, email us at

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