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Surfboard Wax guide if you are new to surfing.

Updated: Jul 14, 2022

When I was working at a Surf Shop I got asked a lot about which wax to use. So I decided to make this quick guide on different brands and different wax temperatures to help make your decision easier.

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Which wax is your favourite?
Which wax is your favourite?

Do you wax your foamy?

Yes, you do. I would suggest you give your board a light coat with a base coat and a coat with regular wax on top. With the exception being boards such as ‘The General' and ‘Happy Hour’ by Ocean & Earth where they have a textured deck.

Waxing up my softboard with little help from LG
Waxing up with little help from LG

You have purchased a new board, How do you wax it?

I would definitely apply a base coat on first wax. Base coat wax is the same as tropical wax. These waxes are used first or for water temp is between 21’C-29’C. Once applied this will help hold the top layer of wax on better. I usually draw diagonal lines across the board in both directions.

My favourite brand of base coat is Hueys choice of wax - Tropical.

This wax seems to do the best job and is Australian made which is a plus!

This retails at $5, Click here to grab some today!

LG waxing up before a big session
LG waxing up before a big session

Other brands of base coats - Creme warm water, FCS base coat, Mrs Palmers warm water, Mr Zogs sex wax warm (red), Hueys tropical wax.

Now that you have your base coat on, How do you select the right wax?

The first thing to look for is what water temperature the wax is designed for and the water temperature you will be surfing in. On the NSW South Coast, the water temperature varies from 18 degrees for June-October and 22 degrees from November-May.

So I would suggest a cool water wax for the colder months and a mid cool for the warmer months of the year.

Brands of Mid cool and Warm wax 18’C-26’C - Mid cool Mr Zogs Sex wax, Cream cold water, FCS Warm, Hueys warm water wax,

Brands of Cool 14’C-23’C - Hueys cool water wax, Mrs Palmers cool water, Creme cold water, Mr Zogs sex wax cool, FCS Cool, FU Wax-Cool

what's your favourite wax brand?
what's your favourite wax brand?

Which brand of wax should I use?

A lot of surfers tend to pick a brand and stay with it. I used to do the same. Since doing this review I would recommend to everyone to try different brands! It’s very hard to do a extensive review on wax without re-waxing every surf but I did get to feel the slight differences in wax and this is what I came up with:

Lg waxing up with Hueys Choice of Wax Blue- Cool water
Lg waxing up with Hueys Choice of Wax Blue- Cool water

I would say that Hueys choice of wax is my new favourite wax! Its 100% Australian made, it was nice and soft and was super grippy under foot.

Close second was Creme. Pretty grippy wax but definitely the best smelling wax. My car still smells like bubblegum.

Good allrounders were Sex wax, Mrs Palmers and FCS, all did an amazing job with no complaints.

But at the end of the day it’s a personal preference on which brand or what’s mostly available at the shop.

I now personally stock Hueys choice of wax on my online store. I have personally tried and tested this wax in every kind of condition and it performs amazingly.

To learn more about the amazing company Hueys Choice of wax , Click here to listen to the podcast episode I recorded with the owner Tony Marsh

Reach out to me if you have any questions, or to keep up to date with what I am doing follow my socials, I am more then happy to help!

Hueys Choice of Wax Blue- Cool water
Hueys Choice of Wax Blue- Cool water

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