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Sharkeyes Hybrid Wetsuit review by The South Coast Kook

When I am not chasing a wave, another hobby I’m into is lobster diving!

Sharkeyes Hybrid suit after being put through the tests
Sharkeyes Hybrid suit after being put through the tests

Now I am not one to be scared of sharks but occasionally there is a little voice in the back of my head when I am in the deeper water that thinks that a shadow or something jumping could be a fish in the grey suit.

I would never purchase shark prevention accessories or other products like that as I would almost always forget to wear them, plus I have heard stories of how these things do more harm than good because they irritate the sharks more.

But still having something that helps quieten those thoughts and keep you at ease out in deeper water would be nice.

I was super stoked when I found the perfect piece of assistance that comes in the form of a wetsuit. I got my hands on a Hybrid 3-3mm wetsuit from the company Shark Eyes.

The hybrid suit is designed to offer protection across any ocean activity. It is perfect for diving, surfing, spear and any other water sports. There is no need for multiple wetsuits anymore! One suit to rule all suits.

Shark Eyes is a company that prides itself on having a non-invasive shark deterrent that helps keep you safe in the water.

Here is a short version of how it works.

Sharks have high visual capabilities and they are ambush predators, which means sharks rely on the element of surprise to capture prey. So when the element of surprise is gone, sharks often abandon their attack.

Shark Eyes is designed to mimic human eye contact, making the shark feel like it has been spotted, taking away their element of surprise. This has the potential to change the behaviour of the shark and prevent an attack.

Mimicry / Eyespots are scientifically proven as a successful defence mechanism seen often in nature. Land and water animals are known to adapt to mimic large false eyes mostly on their rears to fend off predators.

So now you know how it works, Here is a little on the wetsuit itself…

First wear

I purchased a large and the size fit me really well. Super comfortable suits that fit tight. It’s not too restrictive so I felt like I could move around easily. I found the legs were a little longer than other suits I have tried but I am more than happy with that as I am 6ft tall. Definitely check the size guide before making a purchase.

Shark Eyes also offer free returns if the suit is the wrong size. Just keep the tags on.


This Steamer is really warm. Perfect for surfing and shallow diving. I would definitely be thinking if you are diving in deeper water, I would suggest getting a thicker suit.

I would have no problems surfing this wetsuit all year round as it will be more than enough to keep me warm.


Such a comfortable, flexible suit that is perfect for catching a wave or crawling inside a lobster hole. You just know on the first wear that this wetsuit is designed for comfort in the water.

What this suit has to offer.

Because it is a hybrid suit The Shark Eyes wetsuit has some extra features that normal wetsuits don’t have, such as:

  • A loading pad if you take a spear with you.

  • A small leg pocket, which fits a torch or knife etc.

  • Glide skin neck which provides an extra watertight seal around the neck

  • Shark Mitigation Located on the back and ankles - nature’s own defence using mimicry and eyespots.

  • Knee pads

  • A triple glued and double-blind stitch technique, ensuring better seal, more airtight & will not unravel.

  • Sick Dots Nonslip grip dots on the elbow and buttock helps prevent pilling and abrasion.

All these extra features really make this wetsuit more versatile than other brands.


I personally like the look of the subtle dark Camo colours. It really helps you blend in if you are spearing any fish. The eyes really stand out and are a handy tool to confuse fish. I am more than happy to surf with them constantly watching out but some people may not like the design. Shark Eyes also sell decal stickers that you can stick on your board if you don’t like the style of wetsuit.

Front shot of the Hybrid by Sharkeyes after a couple of surfs
Front shot of the Hybrid by Sharkeyes after a couple of surfs

Final thoughts

These retail at $499 and is worth every penny if you are a bit jumpy when it comes to sharks. It is an all-round good suit and I will definitely be using it a heap when I am surfing bombie breaks or diving for lobby’s.

Click Here, to buy yours today from the legends at Apne Survival!

**Full disclaimer: Whilst testing this wetsuit, I did not encounter any sharks so when it comes to shark protection I can only take the word of Shark Eyes and the videos I have watched while researching this product. I hope I never have to rely on this wetsuit but just the peace of mind is enough for me.

To learn more about one of their wholesaler Apnea Survival, Click here to listen to the podcast episode that I recorded with them.

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How does the shark suit compare with " open sea swimming suits" for pure distance swimming: 1-3kms?

Mathew King
Mathew King
Jan 26, 2023
Replying to

Im not to sure sorry, I don't do any open sea swimming. The flexibility of this suit is amazing but not sure if its up to the standard of a designated swim suit

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