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Project blank Wetsuit review by The South Coast Kook

I get asked a lot about cost effective wetsuits, especially the brand Project Blank. So I thought why not buy one of the Premium Eco 3’2 Steamer and a Short Leg Spring Suit and put them to the test to see how they perform.

This review is timed perfectly as I am just about to hit the road for a month and will be traveling light, So both of these wetsuits will be getting tried and tested very regularly and across a whole range of different conditions. Let’s hope they hold up!

Here is how they fit on first wear.

I purchased a large in both and the sizes fit me really well. Super comfortable suits that weren’t overly hard to get on and off. They were not too restrictive so I felt like I could move around easy.


This Steamer is definitely not the warmest I have ever worn, but it really holds its own for the price. I was super shocked, considering it was only $399.95 how warm It was. I would definitely be thinking of getting a thicker suit for the middle of winter but the Premium Eco 3’2 will be more than enough warmth for majority of the year here on the NSW South Coast.


Both of these wetsuits are super stretchy and once in the water are really easy to paddle around. Both of these were a little tight around the neck on the first couple of wears but moulded around my neck beautifully.

Long boarding in my 3-2 Eco Steamer by Project Blank
Long boarding in my 3-2 Eco Steamer by Project Blank


To ensure that the their wetsuits are as cheap as they can be, the style of all the Project Blank wetsuits are all plain black. This is fine for someone like me, who just wants a plain wetsuit but if you like your wetsuits to have a bit of a stylish flare, I suggest to look at other brands!

Surf Checks in Project Blanks Spring Suit
Surf Checks in Project Blanks Spring Suit

Overall, after a month of surfing!

Overall these are just great all round wetsuits. Definitely not the warmest or he stretchiest but definitely the most value for money when it comes to a wetsuit.

After surfing these wetsuits non stop for a month I have to say I am highly impressed. They both have little to no wear signs and still fit really well with slight stretching all over which is to be expected. One of the stitches came undone slightly on one of the arms but it is fine as the seams are glued and stitched as well. This is a side effect as I am probably a little to hard on the gear with them.

If hung correctly both are pretty quick drying and I was able to wear them the next day without being too wet.

These retail at $399.95 and it just goes to show that you don’t need to break the bank on wetsuits, when these cost effective ones perform just as good.

If you need a new wetsuits the legends at Project Blank are giving 10% off to my community by using the promo code ‘kook10’ at checkout. Have a look at their awesome range by clicking here.

If you have any questions please feel free to ask.

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