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DIY Surfboard painting at Bunnings

It's always great to be invited back for a second workshop, It reassures us that we are hitting the mark and delivering something that the community enjoy. So we were grateful to return to Bellambi Bunnings for their Fathers Day Family Fun night and save some Surfboards from landfill in the DIY section.

DIY Surfboard painting at Bunnings

We enjoy running these workshops at Bunnings because we can better explain the process of preparing the landfill surfboards by showing the products we use, as we get most of the items from your local Bunnings. Plus, the assistance from the iconic green and red-aproned workers is always above and beyond despite being incredibly busy.

Running these workshops out of the DIY section also proves that you don't have to be a surfer to enjoy this fun and sustainable activity. Painting a broken Surfboard is not as intimidating as a clean canvas, so this ensures an all-inclusive approach.

We decided to trail something new at this event. We prepared a Landfill Nipper board, which was kindly donated by Kiama Surf Life Saving Club and let participants get creative on it, and the kids loved it. The thick Nipper board gave a whole new approach to the artwork done on it.

This is an avenue we intend to continue to pursue as the intention is to minimise the impact on the planet and repurpose boards from the sports we love.

DIY Surfboard painting at Bunnings
DIY Surfboard painting at Bunnings

We have made it our mission to transform 100 landfill boards into unique works of art. With the recent events, we have successfully refurbished 53 boards.

if you have any ideas, resources, or events you believe we should be involved in, please don't hesitate to contact us at

Stay tuned for updates on our upcoming events. We are excited to share more inspiring stories and collaborate with individuals and organisations who share our passion for creativity and sustainability.

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