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The Frankenfish by Spooked Kooks.

Updated: Jan 17

I aim to review surfboards and products tailored to the average surfer, or what some might call a 'kook' like myself. I want to keep things easily understood by avoiding excessive jargon and maneuvers.

Spooked Kooks Frankenfish 5’8” x 21” x 2 9/16” (36L) – a board that genuinely saved my surfing stoke!

I was at a stage in my surfing where the excitement was fading. I found myself struggling to progress in the water whilst juggling various responsibilities on the land. I just couldn't quite find my rhythm, and as I discovered talking with fellow surfers, it became apparent that I wasn't alone in my surfing journey as others have had similar feelings.

It was safe to say I was stuck and didn't know what to do!

I saw an opportunity to reignite my passion when a couple of the members of this community asked me to review some more surfboards.

The Frankenfish from Spooked Kooks on display
The Frankenfish from Spooked Kooks on display

So why not?

I decided to dive back into the world of Spooked Kooks boards, gearing up for those sunny summer days. And I'm thrilled to report that it was a good decision.

But why Spooked Kooks, you might ask?

For those unfamiliar with what I do with my landfill surfboard workshops, click the link here; but stemming from that, I look for environmentally friendly options when it comes to my surfing. ‘Spooked Kooks’ is the company behind environmentally friendly Softboards. They achieve this because all the hard plastics in their boards are made from 100% recycled post-consumer plastic waste. This includes the ‘Eco slick’, leash plug, fins and fin key—so the two of us coming together is a match made in heaven.

When I first set it up, I didn’t bother trying the Frankenfish as a thruster as I had a beautiful set of Twin fins from another board that I wanted to use. This is another positive with all Spooked Kooks boards, as they use future fin boxes for all of their boards and enable you to switch fins whenever you want to.

After the first couple of sessions, I knew this board was made for someone like me! An Intermediate Surfer trying to have fun and relax in the waves. It’s a fun board that does everything that I wanted it to do, or in better words, that I am capable of doing. I found that I could generate speed with a quick pump or shuffle forward and could navigate the wave fairly easily whilst having stability for the wide tail and midsection of the board and being a foamie, it doesn’t matter what tide or condition the waves are, as I know it will hold its own.

I surfed the Frankenfish a lot when the lineup was crowded. Paddling around, I had a definite advantage as it easily catches waves for an intermediate surfer. It is an absolute crowd-beater if you are surfing during the summer holidays or surfing in a popular spot.

I now generally ride this board with no intention of returning to my shortboard as it is so much fun and gave me the stoke I needed to surf more. I highly recommend that everyone should have some sort of Foamie in their quiver as a reminder that surfing is meant to be fun and not overly serious.

Thanks, Spooked Kooks, for saving my Surfing!

The FrankenFish is a steal at $559.95

To learn more about the fantastic company Spooked Kooks, Click here to listen to the podcast episode I recorded with one of the owners, Tom.

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