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Painting recycled surfboards with Her Wave.

We were stoked to run a SurfPaints ‘Paint a recycled surfboard’ workshop at the Jones Beach 'Her Wave' event. The Shelly Beach leg of the 'Her Wave' was so much fun and we had to be a part of the action again!

It was great to see so many passionate female surfers gather together to compete, learn, and improve their surfing skills. We were thrilled to be a part of the event and to have the opportunity to share our workshop with the surfing community.

We were set up on the sand right in the middle of the action. We had our standard setup with a handful of cleaned-up landfill boards and skateboards, which turned into beautiful art. A local cultural teacher happened to stroll past the tent while watching the event and decided to teach some Groms the local dream time stories of the area by painting it on a board. We were stoked at how this board came. We will be raffling it off in the next couple of months, with all proceeds to go to Waminda. (A local female indigenous group).

One of the Her Wave ladies that had seen our activation before decided her old log needed a touch of paint and let the local Groms go to town on it. She was stoked with the outcome. Now her board has a story to go with it.

Even Layne Beachly was down at the event showing her support and was stoked about our initiative and joined the fun.

If you want to know more about our upcoming events or know of an event that SurfPaints should be involved in, email us at

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