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Sharpeye’s The Storm surfboard review by The South Coast Kook

Updated: Jan 2, 2023

My aim is to review boards for the average knockabout surfer (or ‘kook’ like me), without all the technical terms and manoeuvres.

Storm, 6’2 at 32L by Sharpeye, a signature model favourited by Kanoa Igaras.

Waxing up with LG before surfing Sharpeye's Storms
Waxing up with LG before surfing Sharpeye's Storms

i can definitely see what all the fuss is about with Sharpeye boards. The high attention to detail is outstanding. I noticed this working at the surf shop. Every Sharpeye board that gets delivered is shaped and finished perfectly.

The reason I chose ‘The Storm’ in PU construction at 6’2 at 32L is because I wanted a performance short board that could be surfed in nearly every condition and if the swell picked up and the waves had heaps of power, I wanted something that would hold its own. And trust me, the Storm definitely fits that brief… What a board!

When I first got it in the water it took me a little bit to find the sweet spot of where to sit to get the best paddle power. Most of my short boards that I have been riding usually sit around the 6’0 length and have similar amounts of volume. The storm is an extra 2 inches longer and a lot narrower than I am used to. Once I figured where to sit, the Storm paddled really well for a shortboard. I noticed with the Storms extra length I found it has that little bit of extra push to get on those waves earlier.

Kook man riding his go to shortboard Sharpeye's Storms
Kook man riding his go to shortboard Sharpeye's Storms

This board feels like it is designed for speed in those smaller waves. I found a couple of quick pumps and I was away. The Storm has a gentle amount of nose rocker, which is what you need for those bigger wave days. Once on the wave, I found ‘The Storm’ super smooth and very easy to turn, especially for a Kook like me.

I can’t do snaps or any of those fancy manoeuvres, but I could imagine if you were a shredder you could have a field day with this board. As an intermediate surfer, I found it pretty user friendly for a performance shortboard. The Storm is a board that no matter your skill level you could get some sort of benefit from riding it.

If you have been surfing for a while and want to push your surfing to the next level or you want to try different things on the wave, ‘The Storm’ is the board for you!

I put a black ‘Octopus’ tail pad on it, and got my self a new set of ‘Mick Fanning’ FCS II fins, which gave this board a black and white theme. These accessories give ‘The Storm’ a touch of class that it deserves.

Watching the sets roll in with Sharpeye's Storms
Watching the sets roll in

The Storm retails at $925 and I’m rating it a solid 9.5/10! The Storm is clean cut and just ticks all the boxes. What you see is what you get with this magnificent board.

Reach out with any questions or to keep up to date with what I am doing follow my socials,

To buy this board or boards similar to this, click the link here and have a look at the amazing range from Global Surf Industries.

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