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Quiksilver Highline wetsuit steamer review by the South Coast Kook

Updated: Apr 12, 2022

Quicksilver Highline wetsuit on display
Quicksilver Highline wetsuit on display

I have owned a few different wetsuits throughout the years, so when I was given a Quiksilver wetsuit, I walked in thinking I was just going to be getting a wetsuit that I used while my other ones were drying.

I got a large and figured I should try it out for size and I found that it fits me perfect, The size guide is perfect which is very rare for a wetsuit. After my first couple of wear’s I found that The Quicksilver Highline out performed and kept me warmer then any other wetsuit I have owned. So this quickly became my primary wetsuit and I wore it everyday in September during my Surfaid campaign and it still fits me like a glove. It hasn’t stretched and I have put it through some serious testing.

The Highline is one of the best all round wetsuits I have ever owned and used. It has WarmFlight® thermal fleece lining which keeps body heat in and water out, this works exceptionally well when paired with fully taped internal seams and external seams that are also glued and blind stitched seams for maximum flexibility and minimal water entry. It’s crazy warm considering it’s meant to be a comp suit and It has the stretch and freedom to paddle for waves without feeling restricted.

Inside of the Quicksilver Highline wetsuit on display
Inside of the Quicksilver Highline wetsuit on display

On a recent surf at a local reef break I ‘kooked’ the wave and got washed across the rocky reef. Straight away I thought to my self I’m going to be in trouble here preparing myself for cuts and scratches but lucky my wetsuit protected me. Even though it’s made of light materials it still has the safety aspect too. Even though I don’t suggest trying out this function. The wetsuit held up pretty well. Just a couple of slight rips that I patched with glue and it’s as good as new.

One feature I love about the Highline is the zipper system. It’s not just your regular zipper it’s has this lock-in system that makes doing up your wetsuit so much easier. Instead of trying to

Feed the zipper in. There is a magnet that clips together and holds everything in place as you use the zipper. This also prevents accidental undoing of the Chest zip while surfing.

Quicksilver are now breaking from the pack with their sustainability. The Highline is made with with their ecoflex for better performance and less impact on the environment.

Quicksilver Highline wetsuit getting put through the tests
Quicksilver Highline wetsuit getting put through the tests

The Highline Lite retails at $499.99 which is worth every dollar for that perfect all rounder comp.

If you have any questions reach out to me or to keep up to date with what I am doing follow my socials,

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