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'Paint a Recycled Surfboard' activation at the Shire Shred event

You have to read how our 'Paint a Recycled Surfboard' activation went at the Shire Shred event, which Triple Bull Surf Store sponsored on the weekend.

Photo Credit, Cronulla Surfing academy.
Photo Credit, Cronulla Surfing academy.

To say we were in our element at the ‘Shire Shred’ is an understatement. Let me ‘Paint’ a scene on why we were frothing.

As you walked down onto Wanda Beach, Cronulla, on this beautiful Saturday morning, live music filled the air from some local bands. There was a mini skate park set up meters away from the sand, fully equipped with a Half pipe, Grind rails and little kicker ramps. Some Groms were making it look easy, pulling off some serious airs.

All the leading Surfboard Manufacturers were there, with an array of surfboards available to Demo. Anyone walking past could drop into the tents of brands such as Lost, Sharpeye, JS Industries, Christenson and Ci, and try out some of the leading shapes in the game.

The legend himself, Blakey Johnson ( Recent World Record Holder of the longest surf), was instructing breath work classes and helping event-goers take the plunge and jump into Ice Baths.

And if this all wasn't enough to top it off, We were there with our recycled Surfboards giving the Groms a Creative and Sustainable outlet, right next to an Inflatable bucking Surfboard, with a giant Wave to simulate getting barrelled.

The Creative talent of some of the local Groms was unbelievable. We had our standard Mini Bamboo Surfboards on offer to take home. One of the highlights of what we do is hearing the comments from parents blown away when they realise their kids can paint. It shows that we offer the perfect outlet for those Skate/ Surf kids to venture into the Artspace.

Photo Credit, Cronulla Surfing academy.
Photo Credit, Cronulla Surfing academy.

We have made it our mission to transform 100 landfill boards into unique works of art. With the recent events, we have successfully refurbished 25 boards.

If you have any ideas, resources, or events you believe we should be involved in, please don't hesitate to contact us at

Stay tuned for updates on our upcoming events. We are excited to share more inspiring stories and collaborate with individuals and organisations who share our passion for creativity and sustainability.

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