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Paint a Deck workshop for the ‘Kiama Sentral Youth’

Here is another story from one of my recent SurfPaints workshops!

SurfPaints workshop

A couple of weeks ago, We ran a ‘Design a Deck’ workshop for the local Youth of Kiama. As chilled music played in the background, each participant got to switch off from the day-to-day stresses and fire up their creative sides by planning and designing personalised artworks on timber skateboard decks with some guidance from a SurfPaints professional.

We had stencils, masking tape, foam brushes, sandpaper and inspirational booklets available to help these young people achieve their designs. The day was the perfect combination of the Arts and the Surf/Skate scene that brought together young people from different demographics.

Completed Sakeboard designs

This was such a fun day, and all participants went home stoked when they realised not only did they get to keep their fantastic artwork, but they got to keep the paint pens they used too.

A short time after the event, one of the parents emailed me and wrote.

'It was so good for them to have something like this locally with like-minded youth, being around others that really enjoy surfing & skating & having a creative way to express themselves.

Their decks are on display at home, and they look amazing!’

Sick design!

If you want to know more about our upcoming events or know of an event that SurfPaints should be involved in, email me at or Shop SurfPaints products here

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