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Paint a board workshop at the ‘Shellharbour SUP Festival’

Here is a story from one of my SurfPaints, 'Paint a board' workshops.

We were stoked when we got the chance to run a ‘Paint a board’ workshop at the Shellharbour SUP festival. It was a beautiful sunny day, and we were set up beside the ocean inlet.

Set up at Shellharbour SUP festival

The festival started with some sunrise yoga on the water, a surf contest, and A SUP race and ended with some fun novelty events.

We on hand to help prepare and give advice to any of the festival participants who wanted to paint their own crafts and fins. We had some epic designs drawn onto a couple of SUPs, including some canvas blow-up ones too, but my favourite design of the day was definitely these epic fins. I just loved the colours and detail involved.

Beautifully painted Fins

For the event spectators, we sourced some old broken surfboards and bodyboards from the local community and let the participant's creative sides loose. The result speaks for itself. Everyone had so much fun, and the kids were entertained for hours.

After the event, SurfPaints donated a $250 voucher to the awards night, and one lucky SUP rider will now have the chance to customise their own board.

SurfPaints workshop

If you want to know more about our upcoming events or know of an event that SurfPaints should be involved in, email me at or Shop SurfPaints products here

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