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DHD Mini Twin II - Surfboard Review by The South Coast Kook

Updated: Aug 12, 2022

My aim is to review boards for the average knockabout surfer (or ‘kook’ like me), without all the technical terms and manoeuvres.

Kook man testing out then DHD Mini Twin at Bombo
Kook man testing out then DHD Mini Twin

I have always loved twin fins! There’s something about them that speaks to me. I just picture those corona summer sunset adverts, surfing in boardies, 2-3 foot waves cruising along and then knocking back a beer after a good day of surfing. That is why I always really wanted a twin fin.

I wanted a board for when the conditions were small and tide was heaps full, that I could still paddle out and catch heaps of waves.

So, I decided to go with a DHD mini twin 2.

First reason was the shape. With plenty of foam up the nose, it makes paddling easy. It also has a super flat rocker, so it travels really fast down the line. The two channels between the fins, makes it a really smooth and lively ride when trimming across the wave.

 DHD Mini Twin on display
DHD Mini Twin on display

Second reason was the look. The DHD mini twin come standard with cool inlays or really bright colours that just screams ‘summer surfing’. I’m a sucker for a board that looks nice under the arm! (All the gear, no idea).

I decided to get a 5”11 at 37.5L, which retails at $950.

Realistically, I probably should have bought a 5”9 at 34.5L to suit my weight and ability better, but I wanted a board that I could manage in very small swell. Now that we have the grom, we don’t have the luxury of packing multiple boards or even packing longboards because now we have to pack the beach umbrella, nappy bags and toys! I knew at 5”11 I could just chuck it in the back of the car and surf anything because foam is always your friend in small waves.

With a board this shape it is suggested to use keel fins. I’m running the Free Fall - Retro Keel fins. These fins offer stability and control at top speed. It is a traditional keel design, catering to smaller boards and lighter surfers. These retail for $120.

I have surfed this board in many different conditions, and overall I do really like this board, it is super forgiving. If the waves are fat and crumbly this board absolutely loves it! You’ll have lots of fun on those small 1-4ft days. Any bigger, I would suggest to leave it in the car and take something else out.

 DHD Mini Twin on display
DHD Mini Twin on display

I’ve caught some of the best waves on this board! One wave in particular that stands out for me, was a solid shoulder high wave that I felt like I had to hold on for dear life because I got so much speed on the wave! It is pretty quick underfoot and super easy to link and make sections of the waves.

The only downside would be that I wished it had slightly more rocker. I have caught a few edges and gone over the falls a couple of times, but that is probably ‘user error’ more than anything else. I rate this board an 7/10. If you have any questions reach out or to keep up to date with what I am doing follow my socials,

To buy this board or boards similar to this, click the link here and have a look at the amazing range from Global Surf Industries.

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