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7S Super Fish 4 Surfboard review by The South Coast Kook

7S Super Fish 4 Surfboard review by The South Coast Kook

My aim is to review boards and products for the average knockabout surfer (or ‘kook’ like me), without all the technical terms and manoeuvres.

7'S 'Superfish' before an epic session at Werri beach
7'S 'Superfish' before an epic session

When I first started my surfing journey and was trying to transition from beginner to intermediate, I bought a heap of different boards, many of which didn’t quite suit my surfing ability. I wasted so much time and money trying to get that perfect fit for where my skill level was, but no matter what I tried, I just couldn’t find the right one.

I wish that I had known about the 7S ‘Super Fish’ back then. I honestly feel like I would be such a better surfer today if I had bought this board when I was making that transition. A massive claim, I know!

When I was a beginner and trying to transition to shorter boards, I found that I would take off on a wave, be really unstable and get way too much speed, which would put me too far in front of the wave. Then I would spend most of my ‘precious wave’ time, trying to make it back to the pocket to get my momentum back to try and do a turn.

Admiring the 7'S 'Superfish' with Free Fall Tailpad mid morning at Boneyards
Admiring the 7'S 'Superfish' with Free Fall Tailpad

But with the 7S ‘Super Fish’, I found that it was super stable on the takeoff and a bit slower on the wave, which I was fine with because it gave me a chance to use the wave’s momentum a lot better and work on some turns. A stage that I felt like I have skipped by jumping straight on a high-performance shortboard.

The 7S ‘Super Fish’ has a five fin set up, this makes it a bit of a quiver killer, as no matter the surf conditions, I found that I would be safe to grab this board and adjust the fins to suit. I played around a bit and rode it as a quad and twin on smaller days or when the tide was really full. I found that I could get more speed on the wave riding it as a quad. This was the perfect extra boost I needed to make sections that I was missing on previous surfs.

I love playing around with different fins setups to get the most out of a board. I found some real value in trying some of the Free Fall fins that I stock on my online store. Click here to check them out or message me directly for any fin advice.

The ‘Super Fish’ has a step rail. This design gives the rider more foam under the chest to help catch waves and makes for easier paddling, while still keeping the sharper rails to ensure better turning. Having this feature offers the perfect balance of stability and turning response when on the wave.

With the Super Fish having the options of 6’0 to 8’0, The rider can decide where they want to go with this board. Do they want a fun mid-length that will catch any small-size wave? Or do they want an all-round versatile shortboard? I got the 6’6 at 40L which ticks all of the boxes for me. ‘Mrs Kook’ also found that the 6’6 was a great size for her, she loves riding her longboard, but this gave her great exposure to the shortboard world without taking too much foam away.

The Super Fish would best cater for the beginner surfer transitioning to intermediate. Someone who is ready for their first fibreglass board or who wants the ‘Fish’ shape that everyone is talking about, or for the surfer who is getting a little order, or maybe carrying a few injuries that still wants a high wave count on a board that they know will still perform well.

The 7S 'Super Fish' is a steal, starting at $695, and I will give it a solid 7.5 out of 10.

To learn more about the amazing company Global Surf Industries , Click here to listen to the podcast episode I recorded with the CEO Mark Kelly.

I appreciate your ongoing support of my small business, by purchasing a surfboard through this Global Surf Industries Link, you are helping the South Coast Kook podcast continue to run. To say thanks I would love to send you a small token of appreciation to help you get your stoke on your new board. Simply contact me directly at after purchase and I will gladly send you a FREE GIFT!

Disclaimer - This Free Gift has no connection with Global Surf Industries. You will only receive the gift if you contact me directly via email.

Epic sunrise for the first ride on  7'S 'Superfish' with Free Fall Tailpad
Epic sunrise for the first ride on 7'S 'Superfish' with Free Fall Tailpad

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