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'Independent Surfer' online surf course review

Updated: Aug 18, 2022

If you are anything like me and you spend most of your night trolling the internet watching surf movies or looking for any sort of tip or trick to help make your surfing better then I have found an online surf coaching platform that will be perfect for you!

The platform is called ‘Independent Surfer’ and even though they are relatively new to the scene, these guys are making waves across the internet (don’t mind the pun). They are surf coaches that are based in Lombok Indonesia, where they are spoilt for choice when it comes to waves. Jordy is the head coach and he has so much surf advice to offer to a range of different skill levels.

South Coast Kook participating in the beginner surf course by Independent Surfer
South Coast Kook participating in the beginner surf course by Independent Surfer

Setting up an account is really quick and easy. It is really user-friendly on both the phone and laptop. So refreshing to see the creators of the platform, Jordy and Kimberley on the camera and showing the steps and techniques, not just computer automated.

If you are learning to surf, then ‘Independent Surfer’ have a Beginner Surf Course. This course is a detailed surf course to teach you the fundamentals of surfing so that you can set a solid foundation for progression. They do this with easy-to-understand reading material, short quizzes after each section and detailed instructional videos.

I know that I got some pointers from the Beginner surf course, even though I consider myself an average surfer because I am self-taught I noticed a lot of bad habits that this course has helped me straighten out.

If you consider yourself intermediate, you can take your surfing to the next level by participating in online coaching. This is a platform where you can Zoom chat or get your Videos and photos analysed by an experienced surf coach. They will help you with your surfing by diving deep into the specific body mechanics that make each surfing manoeuvre possible or chatting about what goals you would like to achieve with your surfing.

South Coast Kook working on 'pop ups' with help from Independent Surfer
South Coast Kook working on 'pop ups' with help from Independent Surfer

The Independent Surfer platform also has the option to chat with fellow members from around the world. A really cool feature that helps give that surfing community vibe and be able to chat about the sick waves you got from around the world.

Overall, the course is very detailed and covers everything to get you in the water and catch your first wave. Whether you prefer a detailed read or would rather watch the videos, the guys at Independent surfer have you covered. The course content is constantly being updated and tweaked so I will definitely be revisiting some parts later to see if there are any additional tips and tricks.

When it comes to making a purchase you are spoilt for choice with options. You can either purchase the whole course outright for 180 USD which gets you lifetime access or if you are unsure whether this course is right for you, you can purchase a monthly subscription for 15 USD per month or an annual subscription that works out to 10 USD per month. There is also a free introductory course that you can do to get a taste of what it is all about.

After talking to these legends they decided that they would give 10 % off with the promo code KOOKSAREKOOL10. Click here to check out their website.

To learn more about the masterminds behind this amazing online course, Click here to listen to the podcast episode that I recorded with them.

Independent Surfer logo
Independent Surfer logo

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